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Justin, his wife, Mary Louise, and their family moved to Edmond over three years ago and fell in love with Oklahoma. They are very active in their church and community. Justin coaches two little league baseball teams, Mary Louise volunteers at church and in the community, and nearly all nine of their children participate in baseball, choir, or some other activity.

Not long after settling in, Justin and Mary Louise needed a new mattress which they bought from a national chain. While it was a pleasant experience, it was an extremely expensive purchase. The only other options were discount mattress places, liquidators selling the mattresses that no one else wanted to buy, or "by appointment" stores selling poor quality mattresses that left customers frustrated.

So, Justin and Mary Louise started their own store to fill a need in their community, quality mattresses at reasonable rates. Factory Direct Mattress - Edmond gives their customers a concierge buying experience while operating by appointment only so they can focus on your healthy sleeping needs. They are committed to no-pressure sales, free product education, and pledge to get you into the right mattress for your budget as well as your health.

While there are over 50 Factory Direct Mattress stores over the US, they are all owned and operated by members in their community. Acting like a buying group made up of local business owners, Factory Direct Mattress avoids brand royalties, a national advertising budget, factory salesmen commissions and free trips to bring you a superior product at much lower rates.

As a family-owned and operated business, Factory Direct Mattress - Edmond is committed to the community. Justin sees his clients as friends. As the saying goes, "friends are the family you choose".

They look forward to serving you and your entire family with all your healthy sleep needs!